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The yoga class with added animal magic

As I stand in tree position, one foot planted on the ground and the other pressed against the inside of my knee, I’m concentrating hard on staying upright.

Fixing my gaze ahead and stretching my hands upwards, I’m just congratulating myself for not falling over when something small and furry leaps on to my shoulder.

Within seconds, I lose my balance and crash ungracefully into the yoga teacher in front of me. The creature – a lemur no less – looks at me reproachfully before bounding off to find someone less clumsy to play with.

“Resume your position, and breathe,” says the teacher, as I pick myself up off the ground. Lemurs and yoga may seem an unusual combination but in fact “lemoga” is the latest addition to the growing trend for wildlife wellness.

And I went to the Lake District to be among the first to try it out.

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