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Rhod Gilbert on caring for his elderly dad

As the news of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK broke, Rhod Gilbert raced to a care home in West Wales to help his dad Malcolm, who is blind and has limited movement after a heart attack.

“The care home locked down earlier than everyone else and we got a message saying not to visit,” says Rhod, who splits his time between London and Wales with his wife, comedy writer Sian Harries.

“Because he can’t see and he can’t move I got him one of these smart speakers.

“I shoved this thing through the window along with a wifi modem while I stood out in the rain at about 10 o’clock at night, telling these carers how to set it up."

Speaking on a video call in a moving interview, Rhod told me about how he's coping during the coronavirus pandemic, caring for his elderly dad, and how he lost his mum to Alzheimer's.

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