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Len Goodman: "Sir Brucie's backstage advice has helped keep me agile"

At the age of 75, Len Goodman still has a spring in his step - all thanks to a backstage chat he once had with Sir Bruce Forsyth when the pair worked together on Strictly Come Dancing.

"He used to say to me: 'Len, when you get up in the morning, before you do anything, have a stretch'," he recalls.

"Brucie did it all his life. I do circles with my arms, stretch my legs, try to touch my toes.

"Well, I used to be able to touch my toes but now it's more like my calves...

"I find that all adds to my wellbeing," he says, jumping out of his chair to demonstrate his moves before whipping up his trouser leg to display the scars left by the partial knee replacement he underwent in 2015.

Here's his interview for the Daily Express.

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