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Harry Judd: "We need to be more honest about parenting"

As the drummer in chart-topping boyband McFly, Harry Judd took playing sold-out stadiums in his stride. And he didn't crumble under pressure either in the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom, where his fabulous footwork saw him taking home the famous Glitterball trophy in 2011.

He admits, however, that nothing prepared him for the pressures of becoming a dad.

"As a new parent, I think it's natural to feel like you're failing sometimes," says Harry, 33, who has been married to violinist Izzy, 35, since 2012.

"And for us that feeling was compounded by the fact we'd invested so much energy into having children and had struggled to conceive.

"It meant that when we did have children, we were so desperate to do it well that we put ourselves under pressure."

We spoke about why Harry loves being a dad, despite the ups and downs.

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