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Journalism and writing


As a freelance newspaper and magazine journalist, I specialise in telling human interest stories in a sensitive and compassionate way.


I am also open to taking on investigations, particularly about inequality and discrimination.


My stories have been published in the Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine, The Sun and The Daily Mail - as well as women's weekly magazines. 


My background is in local news reporting, and I have an NCTJ-accredited journalism diploma.

You can find a selection of my recent stories below, as well as information on the books I have written about mental health.

Sonia Grimes - Woman magazine
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Let Go: Release Yourself From Anxiety

Don’t we all want to live a life full of positivity and joy, unshackled by anxiety? Well, the secret is in letting go of our fears, stress and worries, and this accessible and beautifully designed book will show you how – with practical techniques for dealing with anxiety, simple lifestyle changes and therapies you can try at home.

Be A Warrior, Not A Worrier

There is so much to worry about: work, relationships, money, health… But instead of panicking over what could happen, why not choose a different path – one where you let go of worry and focus on getting the most out of life instead? 


One-to-one coaching


As well as working as a freelance journalist, I offer one-to-one coaching for media professionals, writers and freelancers.

Coaching is a confidential and non-judgemental space to explore thoughts and feelings about your career - including how to reignite your creative spark, develop resilience, and find work which meets your emotional and financial needs.

I have an ICF-accredited diploma in Transformative Coaching. Each coaching session lasts an hour, and takes place via video call.

If you'd like to find out more about coaching, please click here to book an initial phone call free of charge.


"My sessions with Elizabeth came at a tumultuous time where I had to make some big career decisions quickly, under pressure and whilst I wasn’t feeling my best.

"The sessions gave me the space I needed to figure out what was best for me, and Elizabeth’s quiet questions and reflections guided me in a way that friends and family had been unable to. She showed me how to have confidence in my intuition, which gained me certainty, and I haven’t looked back since."

Stevie, coaching client

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