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Stitch in time saves...the planet

It might have been the rallying cry of the war generation, but "make do and mend" is making a comeback with young fashionistas. Millennials are shunning so-called "fast fashion" in favour of repairing and reusing their old clothes.

From embroidering patches over stains and repairing rips to swapping clothes and buying second hand, it appears the concept of make do and mend has never been more popular.

"For younger shoppers, scouring for second-hand labels and other gems is cheaper than buying new, but still delivers the same high of getting something fresh and Instagram friendly," says Ciara Elliott, co-founder of second-hand clothing retailer Fashion Reboot.

"With the selfie generation, there's more pressure than ever to have a different outfit in every shot, but they also care about sustainability."

Here's the feature I wrote for the Daily Express.

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